Softproof PDF/X-5n files

pdfToolbox 8.1 onwards, PDF/X-5n files are shown correctly in the Output Preview with the appropriate output intent profile.

Launch pdfToolbox Desktop

Open the PDF file "OurCompany_X5n_Demo file.pdf"

  1. Go to "File".
  2. Click "Open" to launch the file load dialog box and navigate to the folder where the input PDF file "OurCompany_X5n_Demo file.pdf" is located.

Inspect the PDF file

The PDF/X-5n label is represents in the main window. Also the output intent profile "7C Indigo TAC370 (ColorLogic)" is showed.

Open Output preview panel

  1. Go to "View".
  2. Click "Output preview".

Inspect PDF file

The Output Preview panel simulates the printing using the correct simulation profile "7C Indigo TAC370 (ColorLogic)".

  1. Automatically the output intent profile "7C Indigo TAC370 (ColorLogic)" is showed in the Simulation Profile box.
  2. Click in the picture on the purple area. You see the value of the three additional channels for the 7-color printing.