Display ink coverage information for all separations

Since pdfToolbox 8.0 you have the opportunity to select individual color separations in the PDF file using the Visualize panel to view the values. In version 8.1 the tool is extended with ink coverage information for all separations.

Launch pdfToolbox

Open the PDF file "Airport Berlin_Demo file.pdf"

  1. Go to "File".
  2. Click "Open" to launch the file load dialog box and navigate to the folder where the input PDF file "Airport Berlin_Demo file.pdf" is located.

Open "Visualize individual separations" panel

  1. Go to "View".
  2. Click "Visualize individual separations".

Inspect the PDF file

  1. Select in the list the color separation that you want to view. The values of the selected color separation showes below. The image will change.
  2. Since pdfToolbox 8.1 the user see not only the values of the selected color separation, but also the values of all other color separations in the PDF file.

Detect and list separations using Preflight Checks or Reports

It is of course possible to detect colorants using a Preflight Check, e.g. by using the predefined "Analyze pages for effectively used plates" or the attached Profile, which has been extended by separate Checks for individual CMYK colorants. The percentage ink coverage is listed in the trigger values of the respective Check.

The used colorants can also be requested for listing in the XML report as described in this article:

Creating a report using Profiles - Ink coverage options for XML reports

Based on these information, it is of course also possible to extend the HTML-Template based Report like explained in the sample "006 - Adding content from XML report files - Example 2" in this article:

HTML based custom reports

Please be aware that all these methods are based on the rendering all pages, which might result in a longer processing time.



is there a preflight check to display ink coverage information for all separations?

Author callas software

Hello Piotr,
Thank you for your request. I have added some additional information how to detect ink coverage using Preflight Checks or Reports.
Best regards,
Marc Heusmann

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