Split PDFs based on Processing Steps

Beginning with pdfToolbox v13, it is possible to split a PDF into single files based on Processing Steps layers. In order to support grouping of layers in the result files, the OCCD mechanism that is available in PDF to group layers is used. The process to split a PDF runs in two steps:

  1. Add OCCD information
  2. Split the PDF based on the OCCD information
callas pdfToolbox: Edit Process Plan

Add OCCD information

In this step each of the possible standard Processing Steps is assigned to an OCCD set. Most of the Processing Steps types are assigned to a dedicated OCCD set, but some, e.g. the ones in the group Positions are assigned to a combined OCCD set.

callas pdfToolbox: Edit Fixup

You may adjust the OCCD configuration to your own needs. Each of the OCCD sets will end up in a single PDF file.

Split the PDF based on the OCCD information

In this step the "Split PDF" Action is used to split the PDF layer structure into single PDF files.