Protecting one or more Profiles or Process Plans

Protecting Profiles or Process Plans starts from the Profiles window in pdfToolbox Desktop (accessible through the Tools > Profiles menu item).

Click on the action button in the right hand top corner (lovingly called the "Hamburger" button), and in the menu that appears, click on "Profile protection...". You do not have to select the Profiles or Process Plans you want to protect yet; you'll do that in the dialog window that appears next.

Selecting the Profiles you want to protect

In the Profile protection manager window that appears, you can start the process:

  1. The list on the left-hand side shows all Profiles and Process Plans in the current library.
  2. You can select any number of Profiles and Process Plans to protect them.
  3. If your library already contains protected Profiles, they will be shown in the list of protected Profiles on the right-hand side.
  4. Selecting a protected Profile shows that profile's information in the "More info" area.
  5. Once you selected the Profiles you want to protect, click the "Protect..." button.

Protecting profiles

After clicking "Protect..." in the previous dialog window, the "Enter protection data" dialog appears. The information you enter here, is used to protect all of the Profiles you selected in the previous step.

  1. The top of the dialog contains information about the protected Profiles. This information is shown when a user clicks the "Info..." button on a protected Profile.
    1. A major and minor version number
    2. A title for the protected Profiles (for example identifying the collection of Profiles you are sharing)
    3. A longer description for the protected Profiles
    4. A URL the user can click to learn more about the Profiles
  2. If you want to allow users to import your Profiles and use them without limitations for a number of days, make sure this checkbox is enabled and fill in the number of days the trial should last. The trial starts when a user imports the Profiles into pdfToolbox Desktop
  3. If you want to specify a list of serial numbers that allow full use of the protected Profiles, enter them here. Any user that doesn't have serial number in this list will be able to use the trial period (if you specify one), but will not be able to use the Profiles after the trial period.

When all information is filled in, click "Protect...".

In the password dialog window, enter your password and confirm it. Then click OK.

Do not forget your password. callas is not able to retrieve a password you no longer remember.