Ask-at-runtime Dialog: Introduction

When simple variables are used in pdfToolbox Desktop (in a check, fixup, profile, process plan), pdfToolbox Desktop brings up the ask-at-runtime dialog window before running the check, fixup... In previous versions of pdfToolbox, it looked like this:

While most of the dialog window was fixed, the inner section always grew to display a list of all variables that are used. The user could now modify the values for all variables (initially shown are the default values for each variable) and then click "OK" to run the check, fixup...


The ask-at-runtime dialog came with a number of serious restrictions:

  • The dialog always looked the same and could not be customised in any way
  • The order of the variables in the dialog window could not easily be modified
  • Any kind of additional grouping or structure, or any modification to the type of input fields used was impossible
  • Only the most basic validation was available

New in pdfToolbox 11

As of pdfToolbox 11, pdfToolbox Desktop switched to a different ask-at-runtime dialog window as shown below.

While the overall functionality of the dialog window is the same, it uses an HTML template. This makes it so that the default window looks much better than it did in pdfToolbox 10, but it also allows modifications much more easily.