Combining different checks to solve complex problems

If you need a refresher on how conditions in preflight checks worked in versions of pdfToolbox before version 10, please first read the previous article to set the scene.

In pdfToolbox 10, a new condition is added. The condition is called "Include other check" and it allows combining the results of other checks in a new check. An example is shown below:

The check consists of two conditions. In both cases the condition used is "Include other check" which simply returns the result of another previously made preflight check. In the example shown, the first check will fire if either a text object OR if a vector object has been found and the second check will fire is a particular spot color is found.

The results of these two preflight checks are combined with a logical AND as the "Fire if any condition is met" checkbox is switched off. The final result of the pictured preflight check is that it will fire if an object is found that is using that particular spot color AND it is a text object OR a vector object.


  • This example check shows two "Include other check" conditions being used. Of course you can combine such a condition with other, regular, conditions. You can also have more than two "Include other check" conditions being used in a single preflight check.
  • With this addition, you can create arbitrarily complex preflight checks. The result of the pictured preflight check before could be used in yet another preflight check to build an even more powerful boolean expression.