Why a test mode?

pdfToolbox Desktop allows you to create Profiles, Process Plans, Fixups and Checks. And all of those can evolve to be quite complex, especially in the case of Process Plans. Traditionally, the following was often repeated many times when creating for example a new Process Plan:

  • Modify the steps in the Process Plan
  • Save the Process Plan
  • Open a test file
  • Run the Process Plan
  • Specify a location for the resulting file
  • Ask to overwrite the previous result file, or give the result file a new name
  • Notice that things don't work

This cycle not only takes a lot of time, it's also often error prone as it's very easy to accidentally overwrite your original test file for example.

Test mode streamlines this process

Starting with pdfToolbox 10, there is a built-in test mode that streamlines this process. It lets you test a Process Plan, Profile, Fixup or Check from within their respective editor. And it lets you test how they do without having to select a place to save the result file nor be afraid you're going to ruin an existing file.