Process Plan: Scale page excluding Processing Steps

For some Fixups, it is not possible to limit the Fixup to specific page objects, but only to select a page number in the Apply to box.

For example, the page content needs to be scaled, but the line needs to be excluded from the scaling. To make this possible, this Process Plan provides a solution to exclude specific page objects from scaling:

Erliest version with full support for “Scale page excluding Processing Steps.kfpx” is pdfToolbox 15

The Testfile "Lable_Processing_Steps.pdf" has a Die line with Processing Step Metadata Structual:Cutting.

Steps of the Process Plan

  1. This Fixup removes all page objects that do not have Processing Steps Metadata. In this example, only the Die line is not deleted.
  2. A temporary copy of this result (only objects with processing step metadata) is created and will be deleted again after processing.
  3. In this variable step, the temporary copy of step 2 is assigned the variable "overlay" using JavaScript.
  4. The original file is then picked up again.
  5. This Fixup removes any page objects with Processing Steps Metadata. In this example the Die line will be deleted.
  6. The page is scaled to 110% (since the Die line was deleted in the step before it was excluded from the scaling).
  7. An Action overlays the created copy from step 2 (includes only the Die line) on top of the scaled page.

Result (original vs. output)