Duplicate and edit Checks and Fixups

Creating and setting up a duplicate of a Check or Fixup

In some cases, it may make sense to create a new Check or Fixup based on an existing one, as an existing Check/Fixup may be quite well suited to a new task but require changes to certain settings within its own workflow.

The starting point can be one of the Checks/Fixups supplied as standard or a custom one with specific details that need to be altered. The user can duplicate an existing Check/Fixup and alter specific elements as necessary. The following example shows step by step how to duplicate and edit a predefined Check. The same procedure is used for Fixups.

Selecting a Check for the duplicate

In the example shown, the predefined Check “Resolution of color and grayscale images is greater than 250 ppi(1) needs to be changed, raising the threshold to 350 ppi.

The Check can be found under the “Image” (2) category and is a part of the “Prepress, Color and Transparency” (3) library.

You can also use the search field (4) to search specifically for the Check.

Duplicating the Check

To duplicate a Check, first select it. In the flyout menu to the upper right (1), select “Duplicate Check” (2).

Changing settings for the duplicated Check

First, we should change the description of the Check so that its new function is clear. The name should be changed to: “Resolution of color and grayscale images is greater than 350 ppi(1).

We should also update the text in the Explanation field (2).

Editing properties

The image resolution for the duplicate is now raised from 250 ppi to 350 ppi (1).

This Check consists of a combination of two Checks:

1. Image resolution: checks if the image resolution is greater than 350 dpi.

2. Bits per color component: checks if the image has more than 1 bit per color component. This means that only grayscale and color images are taken into account.

Click on the OK button (2) to save your changes.

The new Check in the Profile window

The new Check is now shown in the list (1).

Click on Analyze (2) to find and report any applicable images in a PDF document with a resolution greater than 350 ppi.

The result window

This window shows the result of the Check. In this case a red cross indicating there is an error issued by the preflight Check. This means, that at least one image in the document has a higher resolution than 350 ppi. By double-clicking on the error message, pdfToolbox will show you the affected object by highlighting the image with a red frame. If you want to know the exact value that caused the error message, you can inspect the "Trigger values" (in the example, the image has a resolution of 400 ppi and 8 bits per color component).