View ink coverage per separation

The Visualizer allows you to explore aspects of a page that may be relevant for printing purposes, such as color applications, color spaces or page object types. You will find the option in the “Reports” category and in the “View” menu of the standalone edition. Below the viewing options for Ink coverage in pdfToolbox.


You can use the color application to show problematic regions, as well as for other purposes.

This example shows where the color application exceeds the threshold of 100%.



It is also possible to display a page in a similar fashion to a map.


Ink coverage per separation

In packaging, it is sometimes helpful to find out whether there is any separation (ink) with less than 6% ink or more than 96% ink in certain areas. This heat map view helps to find out exactly that:

  • Select 'Ink coverage per separation' view from the drop down
  • Activate Low and/or High ink coverage, as per requirement
  • Indicate the minimum and/or maximum threshold percentage
  • Activate/deactivate a separation using the checkbox
  • Display ink coverage with mouse-over functionality for ink coverage of current mouse position

As shown here:

CMY channels

You can also view different color separation options or make small objects easier to spot.


You can find CLI parameters for these views under 'Reports'
or simply:

./cli/pdfToolbox --help visualizer
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Usability features:

You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate easily through the Visualizer dialog box:

- Ctrl + Left arrow: Next mode

- Ctrl + Right arrow: Preview mode

- Left arrow: Next view type

- Right arrow: Previous view type