Inside versus outside: Object inside shape

The property "Object inside shape" detects whether an object is inside the area defined by a shape. In this context it is irrelevant, whether objects are on top or below, and also whether objects are opaque or transparent.

Shapes provide a means to establish a definition for an area in a very flexible manner, starting from simple shapes such as rectangles, areas defined by vector objects, or areas derived from rendering some or all of the content of a page and then turning the border of the rendered content into a definition of an area. For details see the article "Shapes" property for use in "Context aware object detection" checks.

The configuration options for a check based on the "Object inside shape" property can be seen below.

The "Consider" option defines the set of objects for which it shall be determined whether any of these objects is inside the shape defined by the "Check against" option.

In the example used below, the shape is derived from a subset of the vector objects on the page.

The subset of vector objects on the page to be taken into account for establishing the shape are 'spot green' vector objects. In the example used below, in order to achieve the desired effect, the option "Reduce shape to outer border" has been checked.

Sample files

The example below makes use of the check 'spot red' object(s) inside outer border shape of 'spot green' objects.kfpx.kfpx and the PDF file six 'spot red' squares below and six 'spot green' circles on top.pdf which are available for download:

In the two screenshots shown below, it can be seen how two spot red squares completely inside the area defined by the shape defined by the outer border of the spot green circles (regardless whether they are filled or just stroked) are detected.

This is different from what the property "Object inside other object" would detect – for details see the article Inside versus outside: Object inside other object.

Note: In the sample file, first six 'spot red' squares are painted, followed by six ' spot green' circles.