Color conversion overview

Color conversion fixups

You will find all fixups for performing color conversions in the group "Color spaces, spot colors, inks". The most powerful one – "Convert col­ors" – is described in the section " Setting up a color conversion ".

The other available fixups are:

Adjust dot gain

Tone values of the specified objects can be adjusted by applying dot gain curves. For more details please see section " Adjusting tone values ".

DeviceLink profiles are especially intended to convert colors within one color model, e.g. to convert from one CMYK color space to another.

Convert RGB colors using Quick Conversion (Office-RGB)

The Quick Conversion method performs a transformation of RGB colors to CMYK as specified in the PostScript Reference Language Manual. You can define UCR (Under Color Removal) and BG (Black Generation) for both RGB vector/text and images.

Map colors

This fixup searches for a specified color and replaces it with a new color. When working within one color model (like from CMYK to CMYK), single pixels of images can be mapped as well. Moreover, intermediate values can be mapped, e.g. if there are lighter and darker gradations of a specific color.

For use with JavaScript a Fixup "Map colors using script variables" is available that can be configured via a JSON expression. Further information can be found here.

Map spot colors

Spot colors can be modified when applying this fixup. The name, alternate color space and overprint status of spot colors can be modified individually. Furthermore, spot colors can be converted to CMYK.

For use with JavaScript a Fixup "Map spot and process colors using script variables" is available that can be configured via a JSON expression. Further information can be found here.

Combining color conversion fixups

If you combine more than one color conversion fixup in a profile, these will be processed in the folllowing order:

  • Adjust Dot Gain
  • Map spot colors
  • Map colors
  • DeviceLink Conversion
  • Quick Color conversion
  • Convert Colors
  • Note: Objects that have already been converted within a profile are excluded from any further processing in that run. E.g. if CMYK objects are being adjusted by an "Adjust Dot Gain" fixup, they will remain untouched by a following "DeviceLink Conversion" fixup, when defined in one profile. If it is required to run both fixes on the same objects, the processing has to be done by two separate profiles, possibly as individual steps in a Process Plan.