Create pole pocket banner

In pdfToolbox 12, the LFP group in Switchboard has a new functionality to prepare PDFs for pole pocket banners. As there are many variants to create pole pocket banners, there might be a need to adjust some parameters to match some specific requirements.
In this article, we will explain the executed steps and provide the used Process Plan, so that it is possible to modify the Process plan when needed.

Sample processing

The settings shown above will result in a head-to-head banner, which has 30 mm bleed on all sides:

Used Process plan

As already mentioned, this Switchboard function uses a Process Plan where the settings are converted into several variables, which are influencing the way of processing.
Let's have a brief overview about the structure of the Process Plan.

  1. A Variable step is requesting all needed Variables from the user
  2. If the input PDF is a single-page document, the page is duplicated
  3. Another Variable step, which is collecting e.g. the page sizes of the input document.
  4. As the positioning of the pages is done by the TrimBox, it is ensured that this box is set properly

5.  Depending on the requested output variant, Variables are used to lead the PDF to the correct imposition scheme

6.  Imposition is done for double side banner...

7.  or for single side banner

8.  An additional outlining in color "CutContour" is added to show the final format

9.  The folding lines are outlined if requested

Settings and their internally used Variables

Possible settings Variable used in Process plan
Construction 1 panel head-to-head: 1panel_h2h
2 panels back-to-back: 2panels_b2b
Name of internal variable: polepocket_construction
Pole pocket Top: top
Top and bottom: topbottom
Name of internal variable: polepocket_position
Outline pocket fold Yes|No: true|false or 1|0
Name of internal variable: polepocket_fold_outline
Height of pocket Numeric value
Name of internal variable: polepocket_pocketheight
Generate bleed Yes|No: true|false or 1|0
Name of internal variable: polepocket_create_bleed
Width of bleed Numeric value
Name of internal variable: polepocket_bleedwidth
Unit mm|inch|pt
Name of internal variable: polepocket_unit
Outline line width (not in UI) Numeric value
Name of internal variable: polepocket_foldlinewidth

Used Process plan and sample file