Above versus below: Object below other object

The property "Object below other object" detects whether an object is overlapped by at least one other object above it.

The configuration options for a check based on the "Object below other object" property can be seen below.

The "Consider" option defines the set of objects for which it shall be determined which of these objects is overlapped by at least one other object from the set of objects defined by "Check against".

Sample files

The example and exercise below make use of the check Object below other object(s).kfpx and the PDF files one red square covered by a transparent green circle.pdf and one red square covered by an opaque green circle.pdf which are available for download:

In the four screenshots shown below, it can be seen how two red squares – one fully covered by the green circle above it, the other one partiallly overlapped – are detected. The result is the same regardless whether the green circle is opaque (and thus makes the fully overlapped red square invisible)  or transparent.