Activation and Deactivation of pdfToolbox

Main application window

To use any callas product on a computer, you need to activate it first. This is true if you have bought a license key but also if you want to run the trial software. This article explains how the normal activation procedure for pdfToolbox Desktop works and which steps you have to go through.

Launch the application. You will see the main window with a blue bar at the top.

Alternatively, activation with the Acrobat Plugin

1. Activate the full version

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You can check what information is sent to callas by clicking the “Details” button. You can also use the “Details” button to get the activation information and manually send it to the callas activation server. The information displayed contains instructions on what you need to do in that case.

Only the complete text block with beginning "@@" is needed but its also possible to send the full text from the dialog.

2. Request a trial version

The activation server will send you a reply to your e-mail address

After submitting your details, it will typically take only a few seconds to receive an email from callas software. 

3. Enter activation PDF

4. Use License Server

More information here.

5. Free tools



As the activation (and the resulting license file) is bound to the hardware, it is necessary to deactivate a license on one machine before an activation takes place on a new machine. 

  1. Launch the application.
  2. Go to "Help > About callas pdfToolbox".
  3. Click "Deactivate".
  4. Choose the product "callas pdfToolbox (Desktop)".
  5. Fill out your email address.
  6. Click "Next".
  7. Click "Yes".

After the procedure, your callas pdfToolbox Desktop license will be deactivated.

NOTE: The deactivation procedure is the same for DeviceLink Add-on Desktop (in step 3 you have to select the product "callas DeviceLink Add-on (Desktop)").