Introduction to pdfToolbox Server

pdfToolbox Server combines the user interface of pdfToolbox Desktop Version in interaction with the CLI component, which is automatically called in the background as soon as you start pdfToolbox Server.

Starting pdfToolbox Server

Start a Server

By clicking this button the CLI is started in the background (similar to the manual call with the --server command).

As soon as the process is running, jobs can already be processed.

Set access code

To protect the server and the server jobs from unauthorized access and changes, an access code can be assigned.

Automatic import of server jobs from previous version

If the program finds server settings and server jobs on the system from a previous version, these can be automatically imported into the new version.

Click "Yes" accordingly, otherwise no jobs will be imported if you click "No".

Create a new Server job

Once the server is running, a server job can be created.