Migrating the pdfToolbox to another computer (Deactivation)

If you wish to use pdfToolbox on another computer - for example, because you have acquired a new device - you must first deactivate the application on the last computer used.

Open the “About pdfToolbox” menu item

Options to Activate and Deactivate pdfToolbox can be found under the following menu item: About callas pdfToolbox...

The “Activate” window

In the Activate window, you can deactivate the pdfToolbox by clicking Deactivate.

Deactivating license: Product and email

In the dialog which opens, you can select the software to deactivate (if you use multiple callas software products) and, if necessary, change the email address to which the confirmation message will be sent.

Click Continue to start the process.

Notification and deactivation email

pdfToolbox will report Successful deactivation and inform you that an email confirmation has been sent.

After you have received this deactivation notification by email, you can activate pdfToolbox on another machine using the original "License.pdf" which has to be valid for the installed version.
Please note: a previously received "Activation.pdf" can only be used on the machine where it has been requested from and only within 48 hours after receiving it.

To learn how to activate pdfToolbox, visit the support article Activation procedure: callas pdfToolbox Desktop.

Move your pdfToolbox settings to another machine

If you have created a number of own Profiles etc., the most easiest way to move your settings is to export the respective Library as described here and copy the created .kfpl file to the new machine.

However, there might be cases, where a direct access to the stored user data is needed.
Your pdfToolbox settings are stored in the following location: 

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\callas software\callas pdfToolbox ...

Mac OS X:
/Users/USERNAME/Library/Preferences/callas software/callas pdfToolbox ...

Replace "USERNAME" in the path above with your username, and copy the contents of this folder to the same location on other computer.