DeviceLink Conversion

DeviceLink profiles complement the usage of regular ICC profiles to avoid weaknesses mainly are the CMYK to CMYK transformation and e.g. the preservation of pure black text in a picture. A CMYK to CMYK transformation with ICC profiles is always performed via the device independent Lab color space, which leads to a complete reseparation of the data with partly unpredictable and unwanted results. This does not happen with DeviceLink profiles, which offer a direct control of color composition.

Using DeviceLink profiles

Performing a DeviceLink conversion with pdfToolbox CLI is rather simple.

Just set up a new profile with pdfToolbox Desktop and set up the fixup "Convert colors using DeviceLink profiles". Choose the desired profile from the drop down list and define if the conversion should only take place for a certain type of objects or color spaces. Then add the fixup "Embed Output Intent" with the desired settings.

No extra software installation is needed after entering the license string when purchasing the DeviceLink Add-on.

You will find more information on the provided DeviceLink profiles and their settings in the “callas pdfEngine Reference”.

Using your own profiles

You can also use your own DeviceLink profiles – no DeviceLink Add-on license is required in that case. For installation use the "Import" button at the bottom of the Fixup dialog "Convert colors using DeviceLink profile" and choose the profile location from your hard disc.

Additional display properties for the user interface of the Plug-In/Standalone can be defined in a XML-file.