Read Barcode or Matrix code and determine properties

You can read barcodes or matrix codes using pdfToolbox Action 'Read Barcode' under the Group 'Report' in Switchboard. You can either define the position and size of the custom rectangle where you want to find the Barcode or work it automatically via "Mouse selection" like in "Text" from the "Decorate" group.
This will render the selected region to a grayscale buffer at a high resolution.
The only requirement here is that the barcode or the matrix code should be orthogonal (portrait or landscape orientation).

You can exit the barcode reading mode by leaving the Switchboard Action.

The results (value, type of barcode, bar width reduction, exact position and dimension of the barcode etc.), if any barcode or matrix code is found, will be shown in a new window from where the barcode information can be selected and copied, like the one below:

Symbology: QR Code
Value: Created from SVG file.
Module width: 2.225mm/6.306pt
Bar width reduction: 0.225mm/0.637pt/20.198%
Left: 170.328mm/482.82pt
Bottom: 83.488mm/236.66pt
Width: 55.181mm/156.42pt
Height: 55.181mm/156.42pt
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Determine barcode properties using pdfToolbox Checks

You can determine barcode properties like coordinates, height, module width, symbology (type), bar width reduction or width of barcode, using Checks in pdfToolbox 11 (screenshot below).

It is recommended to define an area in which the barcode (or matrix code) shall be searched by using the Property "Find barcodes" in the Check as a second Property.

Find barcode/matrix code in area using variables

In order to find barcode/matrix code in a user defined area using variables, click on the orange triangles to define new variables (screenshot below).

After clicking OK and Analyse or Test button will prompt you to input X and Y offset (from the lower left corner of the document) and the width and height of the area where you want to find the barcode/matrix code. 

Once you input the values and click OK, the Check will find barcodes/matrix codes in the area defined by you, if any.

Barcode Reference Manual

If you want more information about barcodes and matrix codes in general, please download the "Barcode Reference Manual":