What are protected Profiles and Process Plans

Profiles and Process Plans can contain a lot of complexity and intellectual property, in the included script variables, which Fixups and Checks are used, how they are configured etc... In some situations, you want to share such Profiles or Process Plans with others, but do not want them to be able to see or modify your work. You might even want to sell such Profiles or Process Plans and have them only work with certain pdfToolbox Desktop or CLI installations.

Starting with pdfToolbox 14, the ability to protect Profiles and Process Plans was included in the product, especially to handle this situation.

Recognising protected Profiles

Regular Profiles appear in the profile list with an "Edit..." button. Clicking this opens up the Profile or Process Plan editor and allows seeing and modifying the Profile or Process Plan. A protected Profile has an "Info..." button instead. Clicking that opens up an information dialog window:

  1. The "Info..." button for this protected Profile.
  2. The protected Profile information dialog window.
  3. Information provided by the person who protected the Profile or Process Plan. A URL may be present and can be clicked when present to get more information about this Profile or Process Plan.
  4. Information on whether this Profile or Process Plan can be used on this computer. In the example shown, there is a trial license available that allows using the Profile for another 15 days.