Add borders

Adds whitespace around the document by enlarging the existing visible area (defined by the CropBox).
This can be useful for producing large format products like Roll Up Banners

Available settings

Available settings

The margin to be added can be defined for all 4 edges of the document. The used unit for these values can be chosen as well.

By activating "Add fold outline", the former size of the page will be marked by an outline, which allows cutting or positioning during production afterwards.
The line width, creation as a spot color or separating this outline on a layer can be optionally activated as well.

Extend for Roll Up Banner

For adding space to prepare the PDF (which has the right dimension) for a Roll Up Banner, just enter the required values. Press "Execute" afterwards.

Extended result PDF

The file gets enlarged by the defined values.

Fold outline on a layer

Fold outline on a layer

As the "Add fold outline" was activated, the former page size became outlined. Causes by "Create on layer" this outline is placed on a layer, so it can be switch on or off easily.


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