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Using the PDF input file from a previous Process Plan step (11.0)

Since pdfToolbox 10, there is a new type of step for Process Plans that allows you to return to the PDF file you had at the input of a previous step in the Process Plan. This has the effect that you can run one or more Process Plan steps, and if you don't like the result, return to the file you had before you ran those steps. Below are the steps corresponding to pdfToolbox 11 (go down for pdfToolbox 10 UI steps):

  1. This Process plan step is called "File pick up". As with all other steps, the step can be added via the list with the sequence steps on the right using Drag&Drop.
  2. This is how the new step appears in the Process plan.
  3. The dashed connection type specifies which input is to be returned from which step.

4. The connection types allow you to set what should happen in case of success or error in this step.

5. Available here: "On success", "On error", "On warning", "On info" and "Disabled".

Steps for pdfToolbox 10
  1. The Process Plan step is called "File pick up". As all other steps, double-clicking or clicking the "Add" button the right of the name, inserts the step at the end of your Process Plan.
  2. This is how this new step looks in a Process Plan.
  3. Specifies to the input of which step you want to return
  4. These options allows setting up what needs to happen next based on success or failure of this step.


  • You can use this step multiple times in the same Process Plan.
  • When you select the first sequence step as the selection in "Pick up PDF from", this has the same effect as returning to the original PDF file you started the Process Plan on.