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Update path to pdfToolbox CLI in Switch when installing new version of pdfToolbox

Using callas pdfToolbox Server / CLI in Enfocus Switch

When using pdfToolbox in the Enfocus Switch workflow system, pdfToolbox Server/CLI has to be installed on that system.

When an existing version pdfToolbox is updated, Switch won't automatically update the path to the pdfToolbox Server/CLI application.

In order to adjust the path, you have to select the pdfToolbox Configurator element and click on "Set path to application...". Then, set the path to the CLI Version in the file system dialog shown.

set path to application

What about Profiles used in Switch?

In the Profiles Configurator in Enfocus Switch, there are multiple ways to use a Profile:

  • When a Profile is selected from a Library, setting the path to the new pdfToolbox version as shown above will automatically use the predefined Profile from the new installation path. The big advantage in this case is that the Profile which has been updated by callas will be used without any Flow adjustments needed.
  • When a Profile is referenced via "Choose file" (or similar via a variable or script expression), the respective path to the ".kfpx"-Profile-file will remain unchanged and the processing will work as before. All pdfToolbox versions are backwards compatible - this means Profiles created by previous versions of the software will remain working. Also all kind of resources (e.g. ICC profiles or HTML-Templates) are contained in the .kfpx file (except when controlled via Variables).