QuickFix overview

QuickFixes versus Fixups


QuickFix is a new type of PDF manipulation feature. Whereas Fixups are based on a powerful PDF analysis and modification engine with extensive customization capabilities, the QuickFix architecture is  based on a comparatively lean analysis engine combined with highly specialized modification modules. The main implications are

  • QuickFix is much faster than comparable Fixups
  • QuickFixes are less customizable than Fixups
  • QuickFixes exist only for certain PDF modification functions, there are may types of modifications that can only be achieved through Fixups
  • in some cases both a QuickFix and a Fixup are available for more or less the same functionality; one would choose QuickFix  if speed of the essence, and a Fixup, if customizability is more important.
  • in some cases the limited degree of customizability of a QuickFix as such can be overcome by using a QuickCheck based analysis and some JavaScript to set parameters for a QuickFix on the fly

Functional areas

QuickFixes exists for the following functional areas:

  • Spot color
  • Page geometry
  • Scale/rotate/flip pages
  • Create/duplicate/reorder/delete pages
  • Layers (including Processing Steps metadata)
  • Output intents
  • PDF/VT DPart

Where to find and use QuickFixes

QuickFixes can be used either as a step in Process Plan or on their own (they are listed in the Fixup view). As QuickFixes are based on a completely different architecture than Fixups, they cannot be included in a Profile. In addition, QuickFix can be executed directly on the command line, using JSON files.

QuickFixes as Process Plan steps

JavaScript-based QuickFixes as Process Plan steps

Standalone QuickFixes (in Fixups list)

JSON file based QuickFix mode for pdfToolbox CLI

On the command line, it is possible to execute a QuickFix directly, using a JSON file based QuickFix configuration. For details see the article Using QuickFix on the command line.


./pdfToolbox my_quickfix_config.json my_pdf_file.pdf


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